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Contour Cut help (Part 2)


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Flexi for design, Epson printer, and the CE5000 for plotting... Im stuck trying to get contour cutting to work. If any of you have some spare time, could you tell me the steps you take to get it to work? I have to be missing something somewhere.

Heres what I am doing...

Final ready image in Flexi.

Effects > Contour Cut.. I have it set to .01 inch, then select apply.

I then go to RIP / Print, then click the Advanced tab, then click the Contour Button, and set the reg mark to Graphtec Type 1 and Send as Seperate Jobs.

Click Done, then click Send.
Printer then prints with the type 1 reg marks

I then take it to the Graphtec. Line up the rollers within 1/4 inch of the reg marks and press enter.

Once ready, I press Pause, and press enter when it says scan for Reg Mark. It finds the 3 reg marks. I then go to cut, ( I have the pen loaded) and when it goes to plot, it plots WAY off.One time it was skewed diagonally, one time it was right on, on the right side, but the left was 1/4 inch too large.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help!


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heres a pic of what it is doing right now...

The outline of the decepticon is from the printer. The black lines going diagonal is when I send it from flexi to cut.


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vinyl destination

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only thing I can figure is either A: You're media is loaded way crooked (doubt it's that far off) or B: You're cutter needs to be adjusted REALLY BAD!