Contour cut problems


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We have a VP-540 and lately the thing has had a lot of problems finding the alignment marks leading to a "Cropmark Not Found" error message. Now some of these sheets contain around 50 or so printed decals which might sit for a day or less before being laminated and put back in the machine for contour cutting. I also cleaned the sensor window as best I could yesterday which helped some. I am careful not to set the pinch rollers too close to the alignment marks and try to keep the laminate either completely covering or completely away from the alignment marks as well. We have tried covering the front of the machine to block ambient light as well but some sheets absolutely refuse to get past the second or third set of marks. Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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On my SC-540 I've found that the initial loading of the sheet is crucial. I use the edge of the printer to make sure the first two marks are lined up with it as close as possible, then do my auto align. It also helps if you're not trying to load a massive sheet of graphics into it...6 or 8 feet is about all our printer can handle comfortably. You can also do a manual alignment if you don't need your cut line to be super-accurate.