Contour cut with wasatch and sc 540


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Hey, does anyone know how to print, then laminate and then put back on printer and contour cut with Roland sc 540 and wasatch software. I have printed, then laminated the image and it does have a contour line on the image. I can not get it to line up with the cutter marks from the printer. The printer puts 4 round dots at each corn of the image. Any thoughs...


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Check out the help file in Softrip. It is fairly detail when talking about cutting. Check the section titled 'Device-Specific Instructions for Print now, Cut Later (automatic registration)'.

One thing to note, when opening the file before printing did you see the 'marching ants' where your cut paths should have been. You might need to change your spot color in your design app to match what Softrip is expecting 'Cutpath', or change the Cutting Options in the Print -> Setup window - make sure 'Process Cut Paths' is checked.

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Are you using versa works? If so I can tell you how i do it? Let me know.

My bad just noticed you said what kind of software you were using. I only know how in VersaWorks but somewhere there should be an align box you click and it will put alignment marks on the vinyl. Also you need to tell it to print only but still have the cut-contour border on. Then you laminate and re-insert back into the printer and then click cut only. Its all in the settings area so i would image that your software is similar. Good luck and hope i helped somewhat!
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