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Contour cutting a PDF with Flexi PM


New Member
I have learned how to contour cut files opened using Flexi but I have a situation where I get a customer provided .pdf file that needs to be contour cut. The issue I have is that while I can just drop the file into PM for printing, I do not know how to instruct it to cut it also. If I try to open the pdf in Flexi, it will do so but it loses much of its attributes, i.e.- fonts, spacing etc so that it just doesn't look like what the original pdf look like.

Here's the question: Is there a way in Flexi 8 to drop a .pdf file into the PM for printing AND cutting so that I preserve all the fonts, spacing, etc intended?

Maybe the real question here is: Is there a way to open a .pdf in Flexi 8 that preserves the intended fonts, spacing etc? If I could do that then the cut function is already a known step for me.

This novice thanks any and all who would be so kind as to help me!


New Member
i would open the pdf in corel or something of that nature and export as an .eps then import into flexi...that is if the pdf is not a rastered image...