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Contour Cutting After Laminating


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I am not quite sure how to do this. I have a roland versacamm and I'm using Versaworks (of course). How does one contour cut AFTER printing and applying overlaminate?

I was told hwo to do this during the printer's setup but I'vel ong since forgotten. I remember something abour registration marks.



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First set the printer up to print only by going to the advance tab and choosing contour, then selecting for print job only.
2. Then go to driver options under the advance tab and check mark print crop marks.
3. Send the job, once it is done printing, scoll out 4" or so, not less and sheet cut. Laminate and then re-place the laminated print back in to the machine.
4. Line up the front of the print with the front alignment line so it is square. Then line up the crop mark with the cutter and the whitish teflon strip.
5. Go to advance again and choose Contour job only, (do a test cut to determine proper force for the laminated vinyl, we use 100-110 normally.)
Then send the job again.
Note, when you send it will ask you to detect crop marks and then if it detected crop marks, both times click yes.
We use a 60 degree blade, we cut at 20 or slow and we do an environment match prior to this process, which all helps with getting clean cuts, especially on laminated prints. Good luck.


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Yes that's it! It was the "Crop Marks" I forgot about. Everything else came back to me.

100 mg force is perfect for the overlaminate I was using, too.

Thanks for the instructions. Everything worked out fine. Although the extra 4" of waste bothers me. I'll just factor that into the cost.