Contour in Illustrator?

Tony Rome

New Member
I use Corel all the time but I have this one stubborn file that I must use only in AICS4.

I do not know how to put a contour cut line around the text/objects.
I have the pallete I need and the contour cut color swatch, but in Corel I just apply a contour to outside and name it the contour cut color.

I have no idea how to do this in AI, I cant find create contour...any help.
Oh, and I really don't want to use the pen tool to do it.

I know I can make the outline color my cut color but I have to have a bleed inside since the cutter will not cut perfect.


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You'll need to put the cut line on a layer by itself. Hide the it and save the file and print it. When it's time to cut, hide the printed stuff and make the cut line visible. Hope that helps!

Tony Rome

New Member
Great, I was messing with that but I gave up.
I got it I just set the offset to a neg number so it goes inside...thanks so much!