Contour Trace in Corel Photo Paint


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I have a picture of a car in corel photo paint and I just want the contour of the car. How do I do that. can anyone help

I have Corel Draw 11 and Corel Photo Paint 11



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easy method:

Save as black & white lineart image.
Import in CorelTrace.
Push appropriate buttons. YOu might have to play with the settings.

Good Luck


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Be prepared to do a good bit of hand rework in node mode. If its a so-so quality image you arent getting anything worth the effort. Hand tracing isnt that hard once you get the hang and a pair of good reading glasses.

Alan D

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I think hand tracing is the route for you.
X3 and X4 users could put the image into Powertrace, merge some of the colours and slide the detail control to the left to get a useable outline at least node editing would be reduced.
Alan D