controltac on a steel building

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We're doing a job for another shop and they requested controltac IJ180
to be put on a steel painted building. It's like the back door of most commercial buildings.
I'm not so sure how good it will adhere since the glue doesn't seem to be so aggressive in the first place. So, I put a small sample on my own back steel door and it stays on, but you can just lift it off.
I realize it's made for wrap material. We plan to heat it once it's on, but I'm not sure if that's going to do much.
Is there some type of edge sealer or glue I can use to make sure the edges don't lift ?
Should I insist on using something different ?

Any comments ?


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WARNING! - In normal circumstances during the summer you would be fine with 180c. You should consider one important factor though... you are in New York with freezing cold temperatures right? 180c is supposed to be installed with the surface temperature at least 50 degrees. In addition, even after the install you need that surface to remain at 50 degrees for several hours to allow the adhesive time to bond properly. An exterior wall like this is a big potential film failure just waiting to happen if you don't tent it, warm it up, install, and then keep it warm for a while.

Good Luck!

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Tim makes a good point. I wouldn't install in temps lower than 50 degrees.

With that being said there are adhesive promoters out there to brush around the edges. 3M makes one called primer 94 or p-94. Another good one is pro-bond.

Good luck



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buy a spring scale and do a pull test. nothing we say matters your conditions and needs are unique to your project. do your homework and decide for yourself.

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Concerned look on his face.... just when I thought the paranoia about this job was starting to fade, thesignexpert has to bring the cold weather up.

Job was promised and has to go up Tomorrow. Expected 38 degrees.

Walks away knowing he won't sleep tonight.


You'll be fine. 38F is no serious cause for concern.

Carefully use a little extra pressure and perhaps post heat it with a heat gun.

Controltac adhesive activates with pressure and/or heat.

Ultimately though, Prowraps is 100% right.

Drip Dry

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Done !

34 degrees + a 23mph steady wind blowing straight in.
Actually went pretty well except for the cold

8 more locations to do. Maybe we'll wait to January when it's warmer