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Convex Vinyl Lettered Helmet

Arlo Kalon 2.0

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A few weeks back I posted about lettering racing helmets with Convex vinyl and how incredibly well the process went. I was asked a number of times for a pic (didn't have camera here). I asked the ad agcy IF they could get me a shot of one, all sides and front. THIS, however, was all I got. But it clearly shows the Castrol logo and green stripe that wrapped around the helmet.

So, if ya remember this, and are still hesitant about lettering a helmet with Convex - I'll tell ya I'm a major fan of it! I made a hefty profit on these... MUCH more so than if I'd had to resort to painting 'em.


  • helm1.bmp
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Great Stuff!

Great Stuff! I'd love to use the picture on the convexvinyl.com gallery site. I'm always looking for submissions of great work.

Thanks for using Convex!

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