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Coolest New Print Technology Bigfish has Seen in YEARS!!


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Looking for key accounts, must be in one the following states: California, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

These are the areas I have been able to secure the exclusive rights to this new equipment and I am super jacked to show some of you guys but only the ones that are in these territories. I will be the first to have this in the US.

I have been doing this for 22+ years and this has happened 2 times before, once with HP Latex, and once with the Dgen Teleios, this will be the third Game Changer that I have called! (At least in my opinion)

Interested parties please shoot me a PM, you will have to sign an NDA and then I can show you what's going on. Showed 6 clients and have received 4 PO's, investment range is under $70k.