copeck report help


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anyone know how this copeck report thing works?

We have the utility to put it on the computer but just wanted to make a post before I go further to see if anyone else has had experience with it.

Will it create an .exe file that I can email to this dealer?

or is there a certain format to save it as?

Also is there anyway we can view the specs as well just too have it on file as we are trying to sell it and would be a nice piece of information for everyone.

I read a post on here about pulling it from Rolands website for a vp540 but did not find anything on their site for copeck. Also googled it and found a simple pdf but that was it.

Thanks in advance. :thankyou:


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CoPeck downloads a detailed settings, service and event history from the printer, and saves it into a encoded .pec format. The Peck service tool is used to open and read these files. This is used by field technicians and Roland tech support staff to see what's happening under the hood.

I'm sure that your tech would be able to interpret and send you a text file for your reference.

One thing that I do recommend during your next tech visit it is to have him/her GET the settings from your machine, and save them to a file for you for safe keeping. This way if you happen to blow a mainboard, it could be replaced and all of the settings updated in just a few minutes. Otherwise it will take hours to manually update all of the settings and calibrations.

Turn your printer sub power to off (front power) then run the Peck Tool. You can save the file and print it to send to your tech if needed. Your tech can get the parameters of your main board if you (ever) have to replace.
If you are selling the printer the most important numbers are the shot count of each head - 6 billion shots is a kind of average amount but I have seen almost 10 billion shot counts. Also, have your tech come and do a service on the machine, this way your buyer can be assured the printer is at it's best (more $$ for you) and he can talk with your tech if he wants details of the printer history.
NOTE: Keep your machines CLEAN, maintain them, and they will increase your profits and break down less!