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copy & paste/text converted?

Jen Goodwin

New Member
Just wondering...
When I copy and paste in Omega (1.56 :rolleyes:) the text gets converted to curves. Is this an option I can change somewhere? Does Omega 2 do the same thing? (I have it at GG&G, but haven't checked.)
I have a bunch of auto numbering to do but there is also a letter change in each numer. I copied and pasted the layout so that I could change the letters easily and keep the whole thing in one file for printing and cutting it all together...but when I copy & paste, my text is converted. Not only the '#1' for autonumbering, but also the letter. There are 27 sets with different letters.
At the moment, my plan is to save the 'editable' layout in a different file, change the letter, do the repeat/numbering and then copy and paste it into a file with the rest...seems like a bit much to go through, especially for that many different letters. Is there a better way?
My numbering starts at 0106P and increases in increments of 6 to 0112p to 0118P (for 60 sets) then the same with an H, an S, an O and so on.

Thanks, and hey BTW...been missin' this place!! :smile:

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I'm pretty sure that retention of text attributes when copying and pasting was a new feature of Omega 2.