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Corel 12 - combine, right?


New Member
Okay. I'm a newb, so I'm not even going to try and hide it. Here's my brick wall for today.

It involves vectoring from a file. I opened the file in corel, reduced to 1 bit (b/w), converted to bitmap, then traced in coreltrace. everything looks grand and wonderful. The only problem is this..

If you were to trace the word "World", the white space in the 'o' and the 'd' are actually interpreted as white. I *think* I need to somehow set white=transparency, right? When I go to tweak and clean up the traced vectors, I have these nice pretty white fills instead of an inside path of each letter.

I played around with different tracing methods in Corel, and poked through the help docs a bit with no real finds.

If I'm overlooking the obvious, feel free to politely slap me for not looking hard enough. :help:

Kevin Huffman

New Member

/Slap Dark3d Just kidding.

What you are looking for is the combine feature. You are just missing one step. You need to select the black D and the inside white piece and change them both to black before doing the Arrange then Combine.

Welcome to the wonderful / wacky world of sign making and graphic arts.