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Corel 12 copy/paste issues


New Member
Anyone else have problems copy/pasting between corel 12 and flexi7.5?
I've never had a problem with corel8 until I recently upgraded to 12, now when I try to copy something from corel and paste into flexi, or vice versa, corel justs terminates. I've even tried saving files to .eps, but corel imports them as pixels, not vector. Any thoughts?


New Member
To copy and paste between flexi and corel does not work very well at all any more. I think it has do with how each program writes the metafile data to the clipboard. While I can copy from corel to flexi with some messing around, I cannot copy from flexi to corel.

Eps is another matter and is the best way to handle objects between the two. When you import an eps into corel, make sure you select the correct eps filter. it should read -"PS, PRN, EPS - Postscript Interpreted". Then you will get a vector file instead of a bitmap. By default corel will use the "EPS - encapsulated Postscript" filter when it sees an eps file extension, which usually results in a bitmap image.


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I tried copy and pasting, and the images came out almost 1/2" different in their sizing, and all the colors became really dull. If you import instead of copy and pasting, you should be fine. I do all my work in Corel, then import into Flexi to print. Works fine that way.