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Corel 12 to Win Plot problems


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I created two words with a contour effect "OFFERING IT" with the font style Staccato222 BT
I convert it to Curves then bring it into my Summa Win Plot program to get it ready for my plotter.
The "IT" word is not present just the countour line.
Everythiing works well with other fonts.
Is it that particular font or other fonts have this problem.
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I tried it and it worked OK for me...but I have seen this happen before. You can try a different offset on the contour...sometimes that helps.

If the original word IT disappears and you still have the contour, then just go back and duplicate the words and apply the contour to the duplicate. Then arrange/break contour group apart, and discard the words with the disappearing IT. Now you are left with the original words and the separate contour...just send them to the cutter separately.