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Corel and .ai


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my uncle gave me corel draw special edition, but i cannot open .ai files with it. is this because it is an older version? or is their some sort of plug-ins that i need? thanks


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Check what version of ai it was saved under. It maybe that it is too old for the version of ai that was used. Also remember you gotta import them and not just open them.

Fred Weiss

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I would suspect that the problem is, as already mentioned, the compatability with later AI or EPS versions. Corel will open or import with equal ease or difficulty. The only difference between the two is one opens to also create a new workspace and imports to bring an image into an already open workspace.

Get hold of a known to be good EPS or AI file and test it. You can find several Illustrator EPS Version 3 files for free download HERE. The best ones for you to test with are in the right hand column. Please note that these are self extracting zip files each of which contains a version 3 EPS file. Ready the instructions for what steps to follow.

Fred Weiss

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I really hate it when incorrect information gets posted and then reinforced as if it were correct. The image below is the result of OPENING the lighthouse in CorelDRAW and manually selecting the Illustrator AI filter. The bridge scene was then IMPORTED into the already open CorelDRAW workspace using the same filter selection.

Both files are saved as Illustrator EPS version 3.

Your problem is most likely in allowing Corel to decide automatically what import filter to use.


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Fred is right. Go to file/open or file/import and then under "files of type" change it from All File Formats to AI-Adobe Illustrator. You should be able to open or import your file then.

Blackberry Jam

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Another workaround is to Import using EPS, PS, PRN- Postscript filter instead of the .AI filter. Some images work using this filter, others prefer the .AI filter.

Edited to say: I didn't get a chance to open the tutorials from Fred-- he may have said the same thing in a different way.