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Corel and cx-24 question..please look


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I was working on this image this morning for a last minute gift for a friend and to look at it on the screen it looks great but when I sent it to the cutter the spots I joined I didnt think would still cut..thought it would now be one smooth word but its not. I am bad at explaining this, please look at the pic. I circles the troubled spots. The font is Brush Script


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OK I did the following:

1) moved the word additc off the tail

2) welded the word Sports to the Tail

3) placed addict back on tail and brought to the front

4) Comined all 3 images

Cut and I still have the double cut spots not as severe but they are still there.

Is any of the above steps not correct?
Thanks for trying to help.

Update: Got it fixed.. corel ver 9 I had to weld the word sports to itself to remove the join lines then combine all and cut perfect!!
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