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Corel and GX24


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I plan on purchasing the Roland GX24. Roland states that the Cut-Studio software can be used with Corel 10 - 12. I have Corel 9 and was planning to purchase X3. Can I export files (.ai or .eps) into Cut-Studio or do I have to purchase Corel 10 - 12.
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Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
CorelDRAW has been able to export Adobe Illustrator and EPS files for as long as I can remember using the product (and that's been for over 15 years now).

CorelDRAW X3 has some other useful features that do justify the upgrade, such as an improved publish to PDF filter equipped with password protect capability. The new clipart book has a lot of vehicle outlines (which was a bit of a surprise to me). It copies a number of features similar to the new stuff in IllustratorCS2. However, Illustrator's Live Paint and Live Trace features generate better results.