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Corel Draw 9, Win XP, CX-24 wont do weed box


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I am setting a cutter up here at my parents place and its the same thing I run daily at my place except mine isnt on XP. So I already know how it should work.. my problem is.. I do my image, and put a weed box around it with the hair line out line.. it cuts everything except the weed box.. like its not even part of the designs.

What can I do, try to solve this?

update: for some reason the cx-24 wont cut the weed box unless we add color to the box?? We have not always had to do this, we have cut other stuff before updating the drivers etc.. any ideas?

Wheres OP?!!! LOL!!
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Well I just tried that and that didnt fix it. But it also spit out a whole bunch of vinyl then went to the end of it and cut just the words , no weed box.

Tried to group the word and weed box as one, still only cuts the word, no weed box.

Filled weedbox with white, black hairline out line, moved to back so word could be seen, sent it, it cut like it normally does from win 98.
:help: I'm lost!! LOL!! Thanks for trying to help though!


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I have always cut straight from Corel Draw.

When I first set it up and emailed my dad a graphic, he opened it in corel Draw, put a simple hair line weed box around it and sent it to the cutter and it went fine, cut graphic and weed box on several designs.. didnt have to have color in the weedbox, just a hair line out line.

The next day he opened corel Draw and Typed in text, added hair line and nothing, wouldnt cut. I tried a simple square.. nothing..

We tried the designs I sent him and they cut. I am using corel draw 9 here on win XP pro

He is using Corel draw 9 on win XP home.

Hope this might help!

I added color to the weed box and his text cuts and puts a weed box around it.. with out color in the weed box, it cuts the text only.