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Corel Draw


New Member
This may be one of the stupidest questions to ask but I have to ask....

I have a full retail version of Corel Draw8 for Mac. Is it possible to make the upgrade from that far back? I would be running it on a Mac OSX machine? Or is CD 11 as high as I can go with a Mac based machine?

thank you.


New Member
No stupid questions, just stupid answers! :) ...and here's one :)

Not too sure about the upgrade; go to www.corel.com to check on the upgrade path.

But you can definitely run CorelDRAW X3 on a Mac ... as long as it is one of the new Core Duo models with either Apple's 'Boot Camp' or Parallels' 'Desktop for Mac' running Windows XP. As a friend of mine tells me, WinXp with Boot Camp on a MacBook Pro is the fastest he's ever run Windows! :)