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corel duplicating


New Member
Whenever I resize an object or use one of the transform buttons in Corel 10, the object duplicates the
new image instead of just transforming the original and I am left with the original plus the new one I created by resizing. (resizing done by typing in a value rather than
pulling one of the corners)

How do I turn this off?



New Member
Hope I can help

What is happening is you have your duplicate button on. This has happened to me and went nuts til I saw what was wrong. Here is the way to fix it. Go to your pull down menu and go to transform and choose any of the tools. that will give you the ability to resize, skew , mirror, rotate, and so forth and it gives you the ability to apply to the original or the duplicate.The other and this is what is most likely happening to you is that in your transform tool bar your "apply to duplicate button is on. what you may have to do is grag your transform toolbar and drag it inbetween your deawing area and your last toolbar so you can see it in its entirety. There it will be the second to last button it will say apply to duplicate when you place your arrow cursor on top of it. YOu can see which one your transform toolbar is by going to windows pulldown go to the toolbars, there another scroll down menu will pop up. There you will see the a bunch of toolbars choices. those that are visable on your work area are checked. Transform is one of them click it on and off and it will appear and dissapear. leave it on your work area it is a very useful tool and you can control when you want to apply to duplicate and when not with a click of a botton. Hope this helps. if not pm me and we can do and i m help.