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Corel PhotoPaint Question


New Member
I am a long time Coreldraw user (started with V2) and an occasional Photopaint user. I am currently using 12.

When I select Paint Tool or Effects Tool, my upper tool bar changes to the correct interactive bar, but under Brush Type, all my options are missing. The only one that is there is "Custom Brush" or "Custom Effect". If I apply the brush or effect to a bitmap, it has no effect - nothing changes on the image.
I have tried to uninstall/reinstall Photopaint, thinking this would give me my brushes back, but with no luck.
Maybe there is a setting that I turned on/off by mistake.....who knows?

Maybe it's time to move on up to X3?

Any help would be appreciated.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I don't use PhotoPaint very much but in Adobe Photoshop lots of things will only work if you are in RGB color mode. You may want to check on that in PhotoPaint.