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Corel tips, newsgroups, tutorials and more!


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Here's some helpful CorelDraw info for other users out there:

to apply one object's color to another object-
hold "SHIFT" down, right click on the object with the source color and drag(keep holding mouse button down) the color over to the object that you want to change

You can open Corel files in Illustrator!! Never saw this but I have illustrator 9 and it will open Corel files up to version 8 with almost no problems. I was told that sometimes the colors get inverted, but that can be fixed with the invert color function.

Corel Message Boards/Newsgroups:
official Corel newsgroups

Tutorials and more:
Graphics Unleashed

Many great add-ons and info:

Dan Vanderknaap

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You can also select and drag with the right mouse button one
object over another , release and get a dialogue box with options
to apply fill, outline, all properties or power clip inside.