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Corel X 7 Question about Selecting Colors


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I have a vector woodgrain pattern that I would like to change the colors on. It currently consist of 6 colors. I know I can set all day and click on all of the same shade holding shift and then change the color. But is there any way that I can automatically select of the same color by just a click or two? There are literally thousands of pieces that make up this woodgrain vector pattern.


CorelDRAW is best
You can also go Edit/Find and Replace/find objects then step through all the particulars you want to find


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In Illustrator all you do is select the object that is the color you want to select and then go to the select menu and choose, select same fill color and it will select all of the same color. But that won't convince you Corel users and your macros. ;)


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I will try some of these other suggestions but I did find that you can do Ctrl +F and you can find the fill colors and replace it with another.