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CorelDraw 12 differences from X3

Jim Hill

New Member
I have been using CorelDraw 12 for about the past year and was wondering if it makes any sense to upgrade to X3

I really like Corel and find I now only use PhotoShop for certain things but for designing graphics I find I like Corel better.

I have read some of the comments about the 10,000 new clip arts and fonts that come with it but just can't make up my mind on making the purchase.

How many of you are still using CorelDraw 12 and why?

Thanks Jim


New Member
I have 12 on one of my lasers and have X3 on my home computer. Used 12 since it was released and had the same questions as you on upgrading. Glad I did! I hate using 12 now.

It took a little while to learn the new layout, but it was all worth it. The trace function is 100 times better. For me, it was worth it just for that.

The fonts and clipart dont do anything for me. I already have tons of that stuff and rarely even touch the corel ones.

Craig Sjoquist

New Member
well there is a shop less then a mile ....I bring them my stuff to cut or print, ....(I use X3)
they have #12 and where happy ...till they used X3 ...then bought X3 and are overjoyed

wraps r kewl


New Member
I like x3 except when you have to put text around the bottom of a circle.
It was much easier in 12

I found that out also, I keep 12 in my home office computer along with X3. I also found some customer supplied artwork doesnt import into X3 for me but does so in 12. Probably just a setting somewhere.


New Member
the best way to do this effect is interactive contour tool it is in the pallete interactive blend tool you could customise if you want the copu inside or outside and in what distance, how many copies you want
try to play with it is the best way