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coreldraw CDR to Flexisign


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export cdr as eps then import to flexi . . .

or export cdr as eps then convert to pdf then import to flexi


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make sure your versioning is ok with your eps or ai.. you'll find that flexi sign v7.5 and back has issues with versioning on files from Illustrator 10+.

I find depending on the complexity of the artwork.. I go right back to saving as Illustrator 8.0, and it seems to work fine.

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This question gets asked fairly often. I have VE LXI Expert, which is a house-brand version of Flexi. I do my designing in Corel and then simply copy and paste into LXI for cutting. Some people say that copy/paste does not work for them, but it works fine for me. If it doesn't work for you, then Replicator's advice is good....export from corel as .eps and then import the .eps file into Flexi.