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Okay, it’s time for CorelDraw 101 for Dave.

How do I make a spot color in CorelDraw X3... Specifically a CutContour swatch?

I thought I had it. So I saved it as the default palette (Palettes are stored in a folder on a shared hard drive for multiple computers). It opens fine with new CDR documents and is labeled CutContour in the swatch menu. However, when exporting to an EPS for Print and Cut using VersaWorks it doesn’t show up.

The color is built as C=0, M=99, Y=0, K=0 and has a little dot in the swatch displayed in the CDR palette and it’s labeled CutContour.

In exporting, the check box, convert Spot Colors to CYMK is UNchecked... Postscript Level 3... Only the “magenta” outline show up in the RIP Software.

Opening the EPS file in CorelDraw, the previously tagged outline shows up as “unnamed color.” It used to show up as “Magenta” until I changed the build from C=0, M=100, Y=0, K=0t to C=0, M=99, Y=0, K=0

I’m banging my head on my desk, the wall, the floor... Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

Liquid GraphX

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Contour Cutting With Corel 11, 12

Create the “ CutContour” Swatch

a. Click on tools
b. Click on Palette Editor

c. Select the Custom Spot Colors Palette at the top of the screen
d. Click on Add Color

i. Use the mixers to select a unique color
ii. Select add to palette on the bottom left hand side

e. Select the new color in the palette editor window
i. Change the name of the color to “CutContour”
ii. Select OK at the bottom.

Opening the palette for use in Corel.

f. Select Window at the top of the screen
g. Select Color Palettes, Then select Open Palette
h. Now you must find the palette. In XP it will be under this folder. SEE BELOW
i. In windows 98, Me, you will need to save the palette in order to find the location on the c: drive.
i. Open the palette editor and click on save palette on the upper right hand side.

****** Note You MUST HAVE SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS Selected in folder options under Tools in My computer ******


Just click open and you should see the palette on the side of the screen.

Now just copy the shape that you want to cut and fill the copy with the “cutcontour” swatch.

Layer the objects to the front of the page, and save as an EPS file.