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Need Help Couple easy ones, need a bit of help again though please.


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Ok this radio station did not have an actual logo file so I get to re-create this one with about 4 fonts.

97.9 - I thought was blippo, but isn't quite. NEED THIS

FM - I will just use helvetica.

KPOD - I found is Cooper Black.

Country - Looks similar to Myriad Black, I know this one... But WHAT is it? lol

kpodfm.com - I found is Optima Bold.

So basically I need help with the 97.9 and something closer for "Country"




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Thank you all very much. I was able to find a free version of ERAS and add it to my font library.

Eras is a commercial font. There are no free versions of it. If you got it for free, it's a pirated copy.

If you're looking to license it legally, the cheapest license for Eras is only $15, as it's included in the Monotype Library Subscription ($10-15/mo, thousands of fonts).