cracked store front window

We had a little crack in our storefront plate glass window which naturally became pretty big in days.

We got an estimate to replace the plate glass of $2,000!

So we thought we would a decal on each side for a few bucks.

One for each side.

Have you ever heard of someone doing this?

We think it may work! It went on glass very easy, each decal took my most capable better half less than 5 minutes.

We did both sides to secure it.

Of course after the New Jersey primary on June 5th we may try a different vinyl decal.

Any suggestions on next decals? Hopefully something that won't attract any stones or bricks. :omg:


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You might try making a clear sheet the size of the window with more cracks and bullet holes so it will look like the real crack and printed cracks are intentional ?
Or a clear spiderweb in that corner.
Or my favorite political message !
"Re-Elect" Nobody 2012


Let's hope it won't up your insurance premium.


I had a chip in a car window once where the black sun stripe area is and i put a piece of black vinyl over it and nothing ever came of it in the 2 years i had the vehicle. I know this is a crack so it may be different. I would think this would "glue" the glass together but time will tell. What's the worse that can happen i mean it's already broke.

John L

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I'd suggest that be taken care of right away. Plate glass will hurt someone VERY badly if it comes down. Also, I believe that pane of glass is supposed to be safety glass anyway nowadays, either laminated or tempered, since it is within 24" of your door. Maybe mention to your LL if you have one.

Best of luck.


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Honest opinion? I would say take care of the glass ASAP.

Yes, it may cost $2,000 (I think you can find it cheaper, but that's not to worry), but what happens when that glass falls apart while someone is standing there? Or walking by? That would end up costing you A LOT more then $2,000!

Just my opinion!


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Word association - Ron Paul and Cracked
Could be good or bad depending on point of view

wayne k
guam usa

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From your picture, I am assuming their is a walkway/sidewalk outside the window. If so, then the code is to have it replaced with a safety glass not plate glass. Either tempered or laminated should be put back in.

By covering it up you put yourself, employee's and customers at risk. Lets say a big gust of wind comes and pushes part of the glass in causing the top part to fall out and land on someone. Or if there is a sidewalk there. And a child pushes on the window like kids like to do and a piece falls out severely injuring the child. Law suite and if insurance finds out they wont have to cover your negligence.

Don't be stupid and fix the window.

I worked for a glass company my senior year of High School and the summer before college. I saw 1 guy lose a finger from plate glass and another have his right hand severed off from it.


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My front windows are 8'x10' and there are 6 of them, guess what 4 hat bullet holes in them and they are still there. Tuesday I will roll up some pics,
We had a cracked window that was 5x7' which ran horizontal about half way down. To tide us over until we could get it replaced we simply took "Gorilla Glue" and worked it into the crack all the way across and let it dry overnight. In the morning we took a razor and scrapped off all the excess glue and then applied a vinyl logo over the window which covered the crack. About a year later, we finally had it replaced and on removal of the glass, the glue held firm and they were able to remove the panel in one piece. That is good glue. Safety is always first, but if for some reason you need to hold off I would suggest the method we used, it works great and will buy you some time.


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political stuff might offend customers especially if they sway towards another candidate. It may seem childish but I do believe it has an effect

I would just fix the glass and keep getting quotes for it OR try and get some lexan for it! check into that

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Be nice to put a mullion bar in the middle and make it 2 pieces , reduce cost ? Look in to a piece of polycarboanate DIY . Maybe laminate with 4 mil safety window film then sticker it .


If your interested Goto your local tinter and order a piece of security film. If you know how to install it, it should be relatively cheap. Once it cures that window will pretty solid again. Just be careful when your squeeging the film down to get the moisture out.

We did a business last year that burned down, all of the store glass had 8mil huper optik. Fire fighters were baffled when their axes wouldn't go thru the glass the first few hits