crappy artwork

surf city

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ok, I got a picture from a customer and the picture is really grainy and the lines aren't sharp at all............anyone have any ideas on software that enhances pictures. I'm trying to get away with not having to re-draw the picture. Thanks for your help, Dave


Don't try to get away w/ it. Just re-draw it, or have the Vector Doctor do it, do it right, and don't put more crap out there than there already is. You will be way more satisfied w/ the project in the end.


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We have had limited success using Photoshop to rework it, and also Blow up, but.....
most customer artwork from clients is crap.


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Its terrible what they bring in most of the time, and tell them either I redraw and charge you more or if its a pic well not much to do there.
and they always take the cheap route and I still take the cash, some people dont even notice how crappy it looks