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Creation PCut 630 Gaps


New Member
I haven't been in business for too long and I'm still on my first cutter, a Creation PCut 630. I realize that this cutter is not the best choice but it was a good deal for a starter. The biggest issue with this machine is that it tends to not completely trace a letter and leaves small gaps which make weeding smaller designs frustrating. I'm using WinPCSign Basic which came with the cutter. Any ideas?


South End Signs

New Member
I'm running the same model and never have any issues like you are talking about - make sure your blade is sharp and adjusted properly and you might try increasing the downforce pressure a bit more.

Good Luck!


adjust the blade offset. this will close the gaps up. Mine did the same thing


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What software are you guys running? And where are the offset settings?

I have this same plotter at home and had a simular problem that seemed to be caused by the blade not being seated all the way down in the holder.