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Cross Cutting with FC-7000


New Member
Is there an easy way to get this machine to do a cross cut?

Whenever I cross cut the vinyl (which is every time I cut something), I have to:

1) manually advance the material about an inch (or else it will cut right on the edge of the graphic), then wait a couple more secs for the machine to respond.
2) press menu to enter the menu section
3) press next to go deeper into the menu
4) press F2 to select Cross Cut
5) Press F3 to confirm that I really wanted to cross cut.

Then wait for it to do it's routine.

Even though I've done this hundreds of times now, it doesn't seem to get any easier.
I'm baffled as to why they would make something as common as performing a cross cut as complicated as this is.

My old Summa only had 2 buttons. One of them was for cross cutting.
You pressed the button, it spat out the vinyl (so that it went ¾” past the graphic), you sliced off the vinyl and walked away with it. All done in a few seconds.

The Graphtec takes 5 different buttons and 20 seconds for it's so called "Auto Cross Cut".

You'd think with all those buttons on the control panel, they could have made a cut off button.
We have a button for "Copy" which I've never used and never will because I use software for that, but there's nothing for the most commonly used option of sheet cutting.

Somebody end my frustraion and tell me there's an easier way...

Perhaps Graphtec can ask their designers to get the machine to automatically advance 3/4" before cross cutting. At least that would eliminate one step in the procedure.


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Only you and me so far Doug. I thought I'd post this here first to see what other users thought.....

I know it sounds like I'm having a whinge, but there are some areas where this cutter lets itself down. I'd like to address these things with Graphtec. Certainly some things are fixable - or at least improvable, and I'm sure Graphtec would be attentive to any suggestions for improvement.


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As far as I know, the only other way to do a cross cut on the FC7000 is to use the software controller that you installed on your computer.


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That's a good suggestion to use the plotter controller software. Indeed it is easier in that it has a dedicated cross cut button. The carriage seems to move faster too.
You still have to remember to advance the media first, but there's a lot less button pressing than with the cutter's control panel.

Does anyone here use the plotter controller software?