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Suggestions Custom Die Cut Door Hanger


New Member
Have regular Door Hangers but I have a customer looking for a custom shaped door hanger in the shape of a Paint Can and Paintbrush sitting on top. Anyone know of a source that can do die cut door hangers?

Kimberly Hiles

What kind of quantity is your client looking for? If it's not a mass order then you could just look for a local shop with laser cutting capabilities, they tend to run cheaper than getting a custom die made.


Active Member
most all paper printers have the option for custom die shape.



New Member
10,000 wouldn't be cost effective for us to do since ours would be outdoor durable plastics, but we run smaller runs of custom cut door hangers out of styrene or other materials pretty regularly.
Thank you for the information on this. I have more info that I understand that that quantity is too small. I understand now that the customer is one franchise or local owner of a business and there is almost 30 different owners that use the same die or shape hanger and the printer just plugs in the local name and contact phone number and run that order.