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Custom Fills


New Member
Hello all,
Im Looking into buying some custom Fills, But can't decide which is Better.

1. Bergen Designs $476 for all 4 Volumes.
2. Aurora Graphics print craft pro fills 6 cd set for $495.00

Any comments or suggestions would be Helpful? Thanks.


New Member
I have all of the Bergen fills and enjoy working with them. As for the Aurora Graphics CD's, never used though Dave Dorsey-Aurora Graphics has always put our good products.

My 2 cents :)


New Member
Personally I would go with the Aurora Graphics set. I have the Bergen fills and dont think they are all that. Definatly not worth what they cost. I have heard Aurora's are good though.


New Member
Ive been leaning towards Aurora Graphics, for one reason so far..which is it looks like you get more fills for money....the hardest part I think im having is parting with the $500 Bucks..