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Custom Profiling Roland SP300


New Member
Hi guys,

I am trying to make a custom profile for my recently aquired SP300 using Eye 1 and Color Rip 2.0A and the media that I am profiling is Avery MPI 4330.

I have done a lot of profiling with my pigment ink wide format printers with no hassle, but the Roland (and my lack of documentation on it) is giving me a few headaches.

I need to print an 'untagged' test chart, i.e. with no profile selected, but when doing so, the result is not too flash. The colours in the chart are very grainy and undefined.

With my other printers, they have differnet media settings which will determine how much ink coverage etc, and I would assume the Roland has the same, but I dont know where to start...

Any help would be much appreciated