custom punched rolls


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I don't have an edge, but doesn't it take 15" rolls. And most vendors (in the States anyways,) offer punched rolls on most 15" colors.

Sorry, I didn't answer the question at all..

Drip Dry

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But I'm not sure if they will do customers material anymore.

What I've done in the past is to tape down the material you want to test onto
a roll that is punched. It takes a little time to set it up and I know it sounds dumb but it worked for me in a pinch.

Mike Paul

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Many suppliers can punch vinyl, if they don't in your area check with Vinyl Sign Supply in PA. Now Sign Supply USA as of last week.


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as the other 2 men suggested you can "attach " the piece you want to test on a punched piece ..the best is to use SPRAYMOUNT [spraybomb light glue] to the backside of the test piece ,lay it on the doner er on through.used to edge on florecent orange,black on silver multi lens ..looks good