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Cut and Paste help Flexi 7.5


New Member
Hello all,

I've been trying to cut and paste a couple of Adobe Illustrator (.ai) clipart into a design for a t shirt back I'm working on. When I go to cut usualy just the first graphic that I cut and pasted will show up on the plot screen. I think I'm asking how do you combine everything so it cuts everything in the design at once?


dennis j

New Member
Mike, once you get the whole graphic in to Flexi look under the Advanced tab in the Cut/Plot window on the right there is a check box to send all colors.


New Member

If I'm understaning you correctly, both of the cliparts you want to cut are to be cut from the same color of vinyl. Is that right? If so, then you can highlight both cliparts and assign them the same color from the swatch bar at the bottom of flexi. Then the software will "see" both of the cliparts together. You can do what Dennis suggested as well and it accomplishes the same goal except that what you're looking at on your screen in flexi won't be the same in the cut/plot screen. To me it'd be a little confusing. I'd want to see a consistent picture; the same on the flexi screen as the cut/plot. But if that's how you're comfortable working, go for it.

Hope it helps,