Cut contour around an outline (x4)


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Here is my dilemma. First I am new with Corel (x4). Second, I have no problem cutting my image with the versacamm using the cut contour outline, but... suppose I want a black outline around my image or text?? I do my outline in say black or whatever color, then I go to apply my cut contour color and wham it takes my black outline and turns it into a thin cut contour??? I cant seem to keep my black outline. I have tried grouping, locking etc, but no luck?? I need a double outline... right? How? :banghead:

Thanks alot in advance!


I do not have a large format printer but what I think you need to do is use the contuor tool to do the outline then break it a part and change the outline color of the contour to you cutting color!


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Yup, what Brian said. Get use to using contours instead of outlines. In X3 you get to the contour menu by going to the "Window" tab then "Dockers" then "Contour". Select the proper parameters (inner our outer contour, size, number of contours. I usually don't bother with selecting the color or outline color from the menu because I find it faster to change them after the contour is created). After adding the contour you'll want to go to "Arrange" and select "Break Contour Group Apart". Normally I would then select a hairline outline around the contour and make it the "CutContour" and then add another contour, usually .05 wide, as a "bleed".


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Thanks, works perfect. I now use the countour as a outline, or shadow if need be. Once I broke the contour group apart I was able to hairline the contour with no problem.
Cuts perfect!