cut contour lines printing?

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i'm having troubles with a file that i am trying to print and cut. file was created in illy and i am printing through versa works the cut contour lines is showing up and printing as grey lines. any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated

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also im saving the file as an .eps and have done it this way many times and has always worked except once before and the problem that time was that the cut contour was in my swatch twice and the one came up as "cut contour 1" but i checked and that is not the case here
The Trick is to use a 100% magenta line and save it as a swatch. named CutContour IT MUST BE labeled as CutContour NO SPACE!!!
and than on have the CutContour on its own layer. Save as an eps.. and you should be good to go.

if you would like me to explain it step by step please let me know

once your cut line is saved with your color and file name(see above for the correct way to do this) it will show up in versa as aset of dancing ants(red lines).
you maybe getting the gray line in versa as its not saved as a cut line in illy. do you have the gray line in the illy file whilst it is open? check the stroke box to see if that is either black or gray for starters.


I've had that problem before, Usually what i end up doing is copying it, pasting into a fresh document and saving it that way and it works. Not sure why it happens but sometimes it does.


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I work from corel - not everyones choice, however if I select cutcontour as the outline for cutting it doesnt pick up in VW. I learnt quickly that I have to select a swatch 100% cutcontour and then its good to go.


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If you are using transparencies, make sure you don't have any spot colors in your design...if you do, convert them to rgb or cmyk.