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Cut Output Help (importing .pdf files)


New Member

I am having trouble with certain files that I import from Adobe as a .pdf file. Everything I import comes through just fine and displays on the screen and I can manipulate it however I want.

However, every other file I import has a problem when I go to output it to cut. It will show on the screen ready to hit the cut tool button, but then it won't cut at all. Also, if remove the weed border, the cut tool disappears and the Odyssey plotter won't cut anything.

I import them all the same way (file, import, select my file, check "keep layers" and then when the next screen comes up, I click off both "cut contour" and then choose my page number I need.

They import fine, just won't cut, so I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, or might know what I am doing wrong?


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The nature of PDF files is that they can contain both bitmaps and vectors. The bitmap images can only be printed unless you create vectors from them. The vector content of any imported file into Omega may be such that Omega has only assigned print values to them. If this is the case, then you must select the appropriate vectors and reassign them as cut only, print and cut, or print only. This will vary with the nature of the file and your own production requirements.