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Cut outs


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Ok i have to ask this question. I've been using Flexi for awhile. I like flexi over any of my other programs. Prolly cause i've used it the longest and i'm the most comfortable with it. Now i've been trying to figure out how to do something so basic and simple in it, that i've gone nuts not being able to do it. Is there a feature in Flexi 7.6v2 that allows you to cut out of text for another letter to fit thru. Another words if you had the letters BSD and u wanted to scew the S side ways and have it go thru the B and the D but cut out parts of the B and D so that it left a gap for the S to fit in perfect. Does anyone understand what i mean? please help. I know this is prolly something so simple that i'm going to bang my head into the desk afterwards.


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Do you mean like one of these?


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Matthew Scher

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I would use the outline command, then the cutout feature to achieve that effect.

You have to create an outline of the charcter you want on the top, then separate that outline, then cutout that outline from the other text.

It is hard to explain without showing you, so if you want to see in detail let me know and I can show you via webex.


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Not a problem.

Enter the 'B D' as text.

Enter the 'S' as another text object

Diddle the spacing on the 'B D" and alignment with the 'S' to get everything right where you want it.

Outline the 'S' with proper size, any color, for whatever relief you want between the 'S' and the 'B D'.

Cut the outlined 'S' from the 'B D' by selecting the outlined 'S', selecting the 'B D', and invoking Effects->Combine->Cut Out.

Get rid of the outline on the 'S'.



Fred Weiss

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To add one thing to Bob's instructions: Flexi's logic is dependent on the order in which items are selected. To get correct results with the cutout feature, select first the object that is doing the cutting and select second the object that is being cutout from.