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Cut vinyl on a football


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Anyone have any experience with applying cut vinyl to a football to make a commemorative piece?
We have painted one of the panels white so my question is do I need to somehow figure out a distortion of the graphics so they are mostly straight when applied across arc of the ball?



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I'd mask and paint, if possible. Mask would give you a good idea of how the final would turn out before painting.


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Because the curve of the ball is symmetric, a single line of copy will look straight and not curve if applied along the longitude (like the seams) of the ball. Just have to be smart about not having too may long lines of copy that will end up converging at the poles.

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I literally JUST did this sample football for my son's coach gifts. I used Convex vinyl that I had left over from another job. Seems to be sticking very well, I did this early last week. I'll be "lettering" 4 new footballs this week. If you need a chunk of this vinyl, I have an entire roll sitting here, I could send you some vs. ordering an entire roll.


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What about a quick vinyl stencil and then just paint what you want on there? I assume it would be easy to get it to stick for a short term painting. But a little harder to keep if from curling on the edges over time.


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I have been seeing a lot of non-leather footballs come out ... I use heat transfer vinyl for shirts on it after I load them up into my hat press. As long as it's not leather and that synthetic material they make them out of now ... material bonds with it fantastically and they use them to play with.