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cutter equal to bobcat


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im lookin for a cutter equal to a signs wharehouse bobcat
was told alot of them are the same import machines
need advice!!
help thanks craig 3212627574


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Try this cutter a lot of people like this one:


However by purchasing this machine from desay on ebay you will save A LOT more money. The major complaint I heard was that it was also very loud machine.


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I'd think of spending a couple hundred more and getting a professional unit like a Roland or Graphtec. I see so much postings about trouble with all the generic chinese machines. Why would anyone want that junk? How many people bought the Yugo?


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The Desay is what I had. It is very noisy, the fan runs all the time it is on. The new Summa only runs when it is cutting. The cuts are not nearly as clean.


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I assume you mean the Desay cuts weren't as clean as the Summa's, right?


You may wish to purchase the Roland CX-24...I've got a Roland CX-300...and I like it but it's pretty big for my room...and I don't need it to go 60cm/s or whatever....15cm/s is FINE! The CX-24 is smaller and slower than mine, but I think it is a pretty reliable plotter and a trusted namebrand. Sometimes you can get one new for $1300.

The Summas or Graphtecs are probably better but they are also more expensive, but I have heard horrible stuff about the Bobcat-type plotters.



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I just picked up a used Roland CX-24 and was able to unpack it, plug it in and start cutting!! It seems to be quiter than the Roland SX-15 but was just as easy to unpack and run! I seen cheaper cutters, but this list really helped steer me clear of them and I am really glad I listened!
And keep in mind Cheaper isnt always better.
The CX-24 is big compared to a desk top cutter, but as far as any regrets. I have none. Now I have to decide if I really need to keep both my SX-15's!!
So far theres nothing I run /cut that I really cant use the SX-15's for but I couldnt pass up the good price I got!!
This group is great and they will give honest information, they have nothing to gain or loose buy which machine you buy so take your time and absorb all the info!!! :)
Have a great day,