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Cutter Upgrade / Edge ?


New Member
we are looking to produce Edge type work, currently were a hand paint/ vinyl shop. What would be the best way to one upgrade our cutter,to work the edge ,and when finances & a deal comes along get the edge & software to complete the transition-hopefully,right?

thanks upfront !

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The recommended cutter for Edge output is the Envision 375. What are you using now and what kind of upgrade are you thinking of?


New Member
I agree with Fred. There are other plotters that can be used with the Edge, but the EnVision 375 is the best route to go by far.


New Member
thanks for the advice. The package deals are little high,were "allergic" to financing-being a Reservist,things "may" change as you know. We have an xp,ready to use.the old system cutter is Aries-it's been ok for about 9 years, and an ioline. We need to eventually provide edge type work. What's a good place to start looking for the Envision, just went to the SignWorld in Atlantic City. hope we didn't miss adeal there.
thankz again Mark Z