Cutting 3mil ACM - Colex SHARPCUT Pro SXC 1732


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We recently purchased a "Colex SHARPCUT Pro SXC 1732" . We have found some inconsistencies with the finish recently.
Edges appeared to be frayed somewhat.
To date, we have only routered approx 10-15 Sheets (with approx. 240 linear inches per sheet) with an upcut T00530 bit.
The first 5-6 sheets seemed to cut well and the balanced needed to be filed to smooth the edges. Recommended speeds and X Y movement were used.
My question is twofold. Have other users experienced the same and changed their bits after 1000 -1500 linear inches of cutting?
Or would anyone have any recommendations?


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I'd look up ACM cutting threads in here and get on the phone with Colex about the problem.
Thank you, yes we have. I was told by one of the techs that we should be changing the bit every 5-6 sheets. I thought this was highly unusual in comparison to other machines we have worked with. We just wondered if others users of this machine were experiencing the same use rate?


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I know nothing about your machine or most others, but when using saws or any cutting tools, it's always best to go slow. Not RPMs, but forward motion. Rather than forcing the machine to cut, allow the machine to cut and advance at a reduced speed, thus prolonging the life of everything. Plus, less problems on the back end.


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That's crazy to be changing that often on ACM. Again, I'd search some ACM posts on here. There's a bunch of them with recommendations