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Cutting from Corel on old Lynx ???


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Hey gang,

I was recently given an old Lynx 24" cutter. It's a real antique. Looks similar to the one in the photo that I attached.

I was able to get it working with an old version of Flexi-Sign and it's Production Manager Software. The problem is that I hate Flexi. It sucks.

I would use the cutter more if I didn't have to export .eps files from Corel every time. Is there a way to make this cutter work with Corel 2018 version?



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For me, the easiest way for a Windows system is if there are drivers for the cutter on the OS version that you are using. That should enable you to print directly from from Corel using the File>Print function and just selecting the cutter from the "printer" list. When I was using Windows, that was the easiest way for me to get my Rolands to work directly within Ai (and when I had X5 installed as well).

Of course, that does mean that some automated functions that are found in RIPs would have to be manually done with DRAW.

On Linux it's actually far easier to set it up as a "printer" sans driver, I don't know if the same could be said with Windows though and how easy it is to mess with the printer languages in that system. I was used to doing it the driver way during my Windows time.

Could see if CoCut (or similar plugin for DRAW) would support the cutter. That would give you more functionality at least. I don't know if it would support it directly or if there is another driver that it has that's close enough to work.