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Cutting From CorelX3 to a Graphtec


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I've looked everywhere for a way on how to do this but I keep getting a "Error" on the plotter everytime I try. Is it possible to cut directly from CorelX3 to a Graphtec FC2100-120 on a LPT1 port?



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I use a seperate program to cut from Corel X-3 called Sign Tools 3 and there is also one call I believe Cocut. Other than that I don't know of any other way. There is a guy on another board I go on who goes by the screen name FLUID and I will say If there is a way he would know. You can also try this board www.unleash.com you may find some help there.


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Not sure about the Graphtec, but I used to do this all the time with my Roland CAMM1; cut directly from Corel (using the Roland-supplied driver), and X3 was the latest version I did this successfully with. On the Roland models, I never had any luck using the LPT (parallel) connection and always (since 1988) used the COM (serial) connection, but you ABSOLUTELY require either the correct Roland cable (XYRS-64) or a null-modem cable; the pin-out on a 'regular' serial cable isn't correct. This sounds as though this could be your situation now.


PS... just noticed this is your first post, so bonjour de Montréal and S101 :)


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If you have a windows driver or if it accepts hpgl I am pretty sure it can be done. everything has to be set up right you will not get any preview.