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Cutting help - Esko X Kongsberg - Poor edges - Debris everywhere


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In desperate need of some guidance. We are trying to mil out some letters to be placed on a sign. We lack the experience to do this particular job but we took the job before the only person with experience left the company. We are basically running this with no experience and the quality shows. Debris everywhere (vacuum seams to be running fine, can hear debris going through it), rough edges, vinyl isn't cut clean & frayed on the edges. The material is 6mm Max metal with IJ180CV3 Lam w/ 8518.

Our setup:
The bit we are using is: BIT-MUS06-4006-50C2
Speed XY: 196.9 in/min
Speed Z: 39.4/min
RPM: 55000
Acceleration: 50
Direction: CCW

Are we using wrong settings? wrong bit?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Christian @ 2CT Media

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You are using and upcut bit with vinyl applied ACP/ACM. I would route out your fiducials and flip the board over and then route mirrored. If that is too difficult for you, I would switch to a straightcut or downcut bit.
You also want to consider doing a skin pass (Cut down to a thin onion skin) then a final cut pass which would clear most of your debris.

I also noticed that your chips are rather large, you may want to either reduce your RPM or increase your feed rate. The other thing I noticed in your spec list is you are cutting against your bit edge in the CCW direction, try switching to CW.


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ask the company who supplies the tooling bits to help you, im new to the CNC world they helped me loads at first.


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As Christian said, route it upside down. Also use a new bit! In addition reduce rpm significantly since this is melting the plastic layer, and not cutting. And use a cleaning pass of about 0,2mm.