Cutting Master 2 error message "Contour cutting is not supported for multi page desig


I got this message when I was trying to send my artwork from illustrator to Cutting Master 2. My graphics guy set it up correctly, but once it loads from Illustrator it shows this error message "Contour cutting is not supported for multi page design". My Artwork displays 90 degrees in the Countered Clock wise position. Please look at my attached files for a better understanding. I was able to click on the position button to turn the artwork to it's correct position, but noticed the "Use Reg marks" box was unchecked. After checking the box I got the same error message "Contour cutting is not supported for multi page design". My artwork also went back to the wrong cutting position again. I did double checked the Reg marks on my file in Illustrator to make sure they were set at Horizontal rather than Vertical. What is going on here? Thanks in advance for the read thru and for any possible solutions. I will be checking this thread constantly so as to get back to your questions. Thanks for the support.


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Jasonx is correct.

Check media width, or turn the graphic.

If material size is set to "USER DEFINED" - click that little question mark to re-poll/reset sized.



I'll look into these issues. As far as a screen shot I tried yesterday, but it would take. I will try again later today. Thanks for the solutions I will post later.


Reg Marks do I have them built correctly?

Originally I chose Type 2 Segemented Multiple reg marks in the Horizontal direction and clicked on "Convert Rectangle". For this particular artwork I chose to use Type 2 Segmented area reg marks due to the complex cutting pattern. I just remade my reg marks with the same size rectangle box 12'' x 24''. Now with this new test I chose the same Type 2 Segmented area reg marks, chose the vertical direction, and clicked on "convert rectangle. I then opened my Cutting master cut file and the artwork presented horizontally as it should. What is the rules about the directions of the reg marks. It seems as if it default to the horizontal direction.