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Cutting Master 2 MAC says "Not avail in DEMO ver"


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This has been driving me crazy for a week. I downloaded the Cutting Master 2 for mac CS2 from Graphtec's ftp site per supports instructions and it works fine except when trying to contour cut I hit send and it says "This feature is not available in the demo version." and thats all she wrote. I have tried this over and over 100 times and I still can not believe my eyes. Graphtec support doesn't have a clue they need to "talk to Japan". I've reinstalled it over and over and tried it on two different machines here at the shop with the same result.

Today I decided I would try and use the older CM1 version, and on their web site it only has available updates for it, trying one of those asks for the location of the original which I never received with my plotter, It only came with the corel disc. I called them about that and then they called me back three times seeming confused as to my problem I've all but given up.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Dave

Howard Keiper

New Member

Would you please call Neal Baessler at Graphtec. He's at 1 800 854 8385 x 1119.
He's looking forward to your call.




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I have purchased a Graphtec CE5000-60.
Part of theinstallation includes theCutting Master 2 1.00 software.
print the Illustrator plug in.

The only way I can view the Program is by selecting the Applications/Cutting Master 2 1.00/Program/CuttingPlug-in.

I can cut from within the file menu in "Settings" and "Output to Plotter", but none of the settings relate to those in the Cutting Master 2 User Manual.

Also changing the output conditions in the Cutting Master settings window dones not effect the out actual sttings on the cutter, changes can be made on the cutter itself however is this normal?

Thanks in advance